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基于最新的 dsixda 的 HTC Android Kitchen 0.177
从最新的HTC WWE 1.48.707.1源代码构建
希望可以从ROM Manager自动下载更新
superuser 3.0 beta4 和新的SU脚本
精简了原生的ROM,完全纯净的Sense 2.1和Android 2.3.3
精简了ROM大小到 250MB,移除的一些东西专门放在一个附件包里面,可以单独刷
所有的Sense 3.0的内容全部都是自带的挂件 (lockscreen & weather, cam, sms, 3D launcher, 3D widgets etc.)
还有(footprints or locations, google apps, sense 2 add-offs for cam and weather)
清理 etc/init.d/ 里面的脚本
添加了新的特性到 etc/init.d/ 脚本中 (launcher perfomance, memory tweaks, cpu tweaks for stock kernel)
UOT kitchen中的一些模块 battery, colors, window animations, transparency, fonts, bootanimations etc.
新的市场程序 3.0.27
新的Google Video和音乐应用
Google Talk带通话功能了

clean sense 2.1 android 2.3.3
build from RUU_asia_WWE_1.48.707.1
stock HTC Kernel
usecured boot.img
busybox run-parts support (/etc/init.d scripts support)
nano text editor installed
bash shell support
/system/framework is deodexed
/sytsem/app is deodexed
zipaligned system
zipalgins all apps in /data on boot (by Wes Garner)
tweaked Memory Usage (tuned up the internal android min free memory manager)
improvements to the build.prop and /data/local.prop inspired by autokiller app and zeppelinrox
decreased ringer delay (means instant ringing when receiving call)
tweaks for rosie launcher preferences (smoother scrolling in launcher and lists, better launcher performance, bulletproove launcher mod)


Gingerbread CRT Screen Off Animation
new bootanimation / shutdown animation
custom boot animation allowed in /data/local
moved bootsound to /data/local, you can delete it or use your own (rename it to android_audio.mp3)
CM7 list scroll glow effect in green
advanced reboot, notification and power button menu

browser can now handle 16 !!! open tabs not 5
added add-free app, market enabler, 4ext recovery updater, titanium backup and explorer
NEW Google Talk App with Audio/Video Call Support
google apps add-on for installing goolge apps in /sytsem/apps (flash player, facebook, carhome, chrome2phone, google docs, google voice, maps, google+, quicksearch, music 3.0, streetview, videos 3.0, voicesearc, youtube, twitter)

Sense 3.0 from HTC Kingdom: modded Stock SMS/MMS App (sense 2.1 & 3.0 version)(backup/Restore), Task Killer App, USB-Connection App – thx seo

Sense 3.0 add-ons from HTC Kingdom: Lockscreen, Weather, Cam, modded Stock SMS/MMS App (backup/Restore) – thx seo

HTC Keyboard with Arrow Keys from Incredible S Stock Rom

modded framework-res.apk (Cricle Battery Mod with UOT Kitchen)
custom smilies

ext4 speed hack – thx to supercurio
sdcard speed hack – thx to avetny
“automatic” battery calibrating script made by seo
fix for “sms app has no contact pictures after fix permissions”

added some tweaks to the build.prob
wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=60 (old 15) (this caused that the phone didn´t spend so much time on scanning for WiFi conections)
dalvik.vm.heapsize=48m (old 32m) (since we have soooo much RAM on our device let´s pimp this a little up)
some tweaks for mobile connections. this should improve network speeds. this should perform better if you are on edge and give some more speed on 3G.

Updater.apk – we can´t use HTC OTA´ Updates – also battery drain
HtcCompressViewer.apk – stupid zip file viewer with NO features
FieldTest.apk – a stupid app with no sense
HtcFeedback.apk – we won´t tell HTC that we have a cooler Rom than the original one
HtcLaputaInstaller.apk – disabled the Laputer Launcher and doubbled HTC Car Launcher in App menu
SoundRecorder.apk – HTC Voice Recorder still works
Protips.apk – we are pros… these tipps are stupid
HtcTipWidget.apk – the app is the same like Protips.apk

packags to remove sense 3.0 cam, if there are problems and revert back to sense 2.1 cam
package to use old (Sense 2.1) and new (Sense 3.0) weather app sounds
package to use old (Sense 2.1) weather app with kindom lockscreen
package to “wipe all” with update.zip in recovery
package for stock framework-res.apk

所有的附加应用都可以在这里下载到 SAGA LBC MOD – Add-Ons



Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1048203

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