MikGinger – Re-Eng GB Sense 2.1 B3

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Ok guys… so far i have opt most of the system and cleaned out a lot more plus a few fixes here and there (see change log)

This rom is based off of the desire z port and the desire hd port of GB Sense 2.1, and of course the leak Evo GB rom also.

Huge Thanks to Virus (evo forums) for his initial work on this port and to siulmagic (desire z forums)

Beta 3 Change Log:

  • ODEX Finally
  • Fixed MMS (thanks all the guys that helped, especially SACS)
  • FIxed Calendar Widget to work in Landscape
  • Fixed Social Clock for landscape (not perfect but not distorted also)
  • 3G instead of EVDO
  • Added 2 more themes (Wood and MikMikOrange)
  • 6 Signal Bars instead of 4
  • Dialer works in Landscape in CarMode
  • Added black shade while overscrolling
  • Added A2SD support
  • Memory management set to Strict
  • Removed dalvik2cache (approx 400mb on data after flash… dalvik2cahce is useless on odex… just an fyi)
  • Added SprintVVM and GenieWidget
  • Batt percent showing while charging
  • GB white icons (i cant stand the gray ones myself)
  • Took out EReader and Laputa (saved approx 25mb-30mb)
  • Changed up the Home Screen at first boot (Shorts cuts/widgets locations etc.)
  • Gps Icon only show while on
  • Removed adb debug icon from taskbar
  • Opt a few more apks

Change Log:

  • Added Landscape
  • FIxed Front Cam
  • Working Dialer Codes
  • Added 3 Htc Themes (Slate, Metal, Block)
  • Semitrans App Drawer/Dropdown notification
  • Fully working HtcHub
  • Added more option to QuickSettings Menu
  • Rebuilt and opt approx 80% of the whole system’s apks
  • Still Deodex (So first boot will take a while)
  • I/O Tweaks to improve performance
  • Added minfreq tweaks to improve bat life
  • Dlavik2Cache
  • Zipling on boot
  • Disabled Bug Reports to htc by default
  • Changed up the Home Screen at first boot (Shorts cuts/widgets locations etc.)
  • Fixed HtcMailWIdgets to work on landscape

Apps taken out:

  • Htc Plurk
  • Htc recommended
  • Htc Laputa (locations, etc.)
  • EReader
  • Loggers/Feedback (both Google’s and Htc’s)
    i should probably take more out or add in… but later on.

Not Working:

  • Video Camcorder
  • 4G (99.99% it will never work on this rom)
  • Brightness stays on 100% for certain Screens (Nova if im not wrong)

Future Plans:

  • Themes
  • Mods
  • Fix Video Camcorder
  • Fix brightness issues for those tht have it (will probably have to wit until GB is official for the Evo)

FAQ Answers:

  • Custom kernels will NOT play good with this rom since it is GB and not Froyo.
  • No, this is not the Evo GB leaked ROM, this is Sense 2.1.
  • Lots of things have not been tested yet on this rom (video playback quality, etc.) feel free to help in testing, improving and pin pointing bugs.

Please note that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS so no need to ask for any special mods and/or themes yet.

Thank you, and have fun.

From: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1038967

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