LeeDrOiD HD V3.1.4 [Kernel]v3.1.6

2011 年Jun月 16 日由 发布 | 类别: HTC Desire HD | Tags:


  • GPL – My Kernel source on GitHub
  • Kernel update – LeeDrOiD-Ace-GB-3.1.5-
  • Kernel – Added support for proximity sensor recalibration
  • Kernel – Rolled back Synaptic touchscreen driver to 2.6.32 (FroYo)
  • Kernel – OnDeamnd governor module removed (included in kernel)
  • Kernel – Several config changes
  • Notifacation pulldown – black transparent background with white notifacations’s
  • Extended quick settings now in white once again
  • Fixed missing Vibration & Silent icons in quick settings
  • Reverted to stock HTC SMS/MMS
  • Fixed dolby sound enhancment on boot
  • Serveral script & Configuration clenups
  • Updated USB connection interface (radio buttons)
  • Added fade in/out anim for apps (Thanks to supremebeaver)
  • Updated Google car home V2.2.1.4
  • Updated Talk Back
  • Updated Rom Manager
  • Updated Titanium backup
  • Added MMS back to Sense 3.0 all in 1
  • Updated DHD to Inspire4G patch (US english as default)
  • And a few other tweaks ;)

LeeDrOiD_HD_V3.1.6_GB_BFS – 16th June

  • GPL – My source on GitHub
  • Introduced V404 of the Brain Fuck CPU Scheduler More info Here
  • Added a 2nd smartass CPU Governor “SmartAss2″ – More agressive wakeup config.
  • Heavily optimized & Totally lag free!
  • REVERT: Added support for proximity sensor recalibration
  • Battery consumption should be fixed.
  • More config updates & cleanups

ROM Download links
Optional FULL WIPE to EXT4 patch (FTP)
This is an optional patch that can be applied prior to flashing the ROM, please note, this zip will wipe your device and format all partitions to EXT4 (Highly recommended)

LeeDrOiD HD V3.1.4 (TORRENT)

LeeDrOiD HD V3.1.4 (FTP)

MD5 Checksum file
MD5# 2060e0c31f886ebb70cdd8f2c6c136c5

Kernel Download links
Now Flashed using the “Any kernel updater” by Koush & compatable with all Sense ROM’s
MD5 Checksum file
MD5# ca745079a691174ce69c852bde6ac474

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1056727

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