[KERNEL] LorDModUE V6.9 BFSv404

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  • 基于官方2.6.35.10后经Cyanogen Team修改的源代码
  • BFQ v2.1 data I/O scheduler
  • 整合进
  • 上次需要手动添加的这次都整合进去了
  • 添加 smartas (smoothass edition)
  • 添加音量增益,大喇叭音量增加22%
  • 添加电池补丁
  • 可超频到1.92GHz
  • CPU频率范围为122MHz(默认230)到1920MHz(默认1075)
  • 默认最稳定的UV
  • 分配更多显示内存
  • 添加SLQB内存分配并设置为默认
  • 补丁 libsqlite.so 库为了禁用db循环—— credit goes to ownhere
  • 默认启用 TinyRCU Bloatwatch edition v8
  • 希望完全兼容所有原生ROM,基于CM7,MIUI,UltimateDroid等
  • 默认V(r) I/O data scheduler
  • VDD interface for using UV scripts (by -snq)
  • 优化读写视频缓存
  • 两种录音方式(不要忘记在Call Recording应用里设置,MIUI用户在你的MIUI拨号器中启用第三方程序)
  • Proximity Recalibrator 1.6 ready – thread
  • 降低了 WiFi 电压(Ziggy741)
  • 默认添加 BFS V404 任务调度程序
  • Jhash speedtweak
  • 从2.6.38中移植过来超过70个补丁
  • added brazilianwax governor, more agressive version of smartass governor based on new version
  • USB Speed hack – from CodeAurora
  • New governors InteractiveX and OndemandX – credits goes to Imoseyon
  • Ported a lot of code and drivers from and 3.0rc6 kernel – credits goes to Imoseyon
  • I/O schedulers are changeable via No-Frills (who uses it)
  • Longer battery overcharging after it reaches 100% than stock (not dangerous)
  • fixed strobe light while Death Ray mode enabled
  • Wifi driver from 3.0rc7 kernel included
  • Preemped Tiny RCU as default with many, many tweaks
  • Autogroup Scheduling added
  • Compcache with zram from 2.6.39 added (enable Compcache in CM perfomance menu if you want to use it or disable it)
  • XZ comppresed kernel image
  • Compiled with Linaro gcc 4.5.4
  • Kernel patched to
  • Hardcoded float for ARM CPUs (now it uses hardware accalerated float calculation)
  • Cleancache
  • Jhash3 speed tweak

Cyanogen and MIUI kernels: CFS , CFS 2WCR , BFS DANGER for MIUI , BFS 2WCR DANGER for MIUI


UV scripts:
-25mV zip
-50mV zip
UUV zip
PUV zip – This is heavely UV even for UUV edition.. going from min 775mV trough all the freq range. If UUV worked for you, you must test this It’s working fine for me 122/1380MHZ 24/7
Stable PUV by killersloth zip – a more stable edition of PUV script if you can’t run it
Restore defaults zip

Use Proximity Recalibrator 1.5 from this thread and minimum nightly 92 for the recalibrator to work

If you want SD card speed patch, put this file into /etc/init.d folder and give it executable perrmision. It can corrupt your SD data! CAUTION – BACKUP

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1085725

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