[kernel for HTC Hero] 2.6.35 – Las Venturas – 0.3

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Changes of last version 0.3.0:

  • Attempt to fix another wake-up bug, it is better but not perfect (will be perfected in patch-release).
  • Switching to yaffs2-old from the .29 kernel. My tests have shown it isn’t worth the hazzle yet for everybody switching to it (if you want to use it, you also need a recovery with the new yaffs2, all roms+kernel should use it etc…). This will give a speed boost as well for those who come from .29 as things don’t have to be converted. Thanks to s0be
  • Switching to NOOP IO driver, performs quite well for our simple sd-cards.
  • Some camera fixes. There is a random chance you actually might be able to take a picture. But this chance is lower that you get money back from the taxoffice
  • Some random clean-ups in code.

Full log:

Las Venturas version: 0.3.0
links: (存在会造成重启的BUG,暂停下载。)
(taken off-line due reboot-bug)
md5: 7d1458cfbe4e4dd1192769fc2600dd5e

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