HydrOG3nMOD V1.9

2011 年Aug月 21 日由 发布 | 类别: HTC Desire HD | Tags:



  • 大小62 MB!
  • Mixed UI ( Some Pngs from Ultimate Droid Roms, (With some cool themes inside Theme chooser apps ))
  • 优化续航和流畅
  • 完全文件分解和zip对齐
  • root和最新的su
  • 扩展的电源菜单
  • 应用和框架优化和主题定制


  • Microbes LWP
  • Adfree
  • Market
  • HTC IME V27 Custom


  • Adw launcher
  • Searchbox
  • CM wallpapers and livewallpapers
  • Defauts ringtones (Added HoneyComb instead)


  • Hum, The HTC IME Mod may Crash the 1st time you will boot. Btw, It won’t never do it.
  • Maybe, The rom won’t install apps ( Hot reboot) If so, Full WIPE, Go to Mounts and storage menu, and format /system and go back and do the same for /data.


  • Based on official HTC source reworked by cyanogen team
  • BFQ v2.1 data I/O scheduler
  • Patched to
  • Lots of little patches and tweaks that were previously needed to be added manualy
  • vvvvvvvvvvvv
  • Added smartas (smoothass edition)
  • Added audio volume boost up to 22% on main speaker
  • Added Battery fix
  • Overclock to 1.92 GHz
  • CPU freq going from 122MHz (230 default) to 1920MHz (1075 default)
  • Default UV with maximum stability
  • Allocated more GPU memory
  • SLQB memory allocator added and set as default
  • Patched libsqlite.so to disable db loops – thanx to ownhere
  • Enabled TinyRCU Bloatwatch edition v8 by default
  • Hopefully compatible with all AOSP ROMS for DHD – CM7 all bases, MIUI, UltimateDroid…
  • V(r) I/O data scheduler
  • VDD interface for using UV scripts (by -snq)
  • Tweaked read/write video buffer
  • 2 way voice recording (don’t forget to set settings in Call Recording app, MIUI users enable 3rd apps in your MIUI dialer)
  • Proximity Recalibrator 1.5 ready – thread
  • Lowered WiFi voltage (Ziggy741)
  • Added BFS V404 task scheduler as default
  • Jhash speedtweak
  • Ported more than 70 patches from 2.6.38 base
  • added brazilianwax governor, more agressive version of smartass governor
  • USB Speed hack – from CodeAurora


Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1140749

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