[HTC Hero] WildHeroWWE-1.1 Beta

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移植自 Wildfire S Europe (WWE) Gingerbread Sense release。大部分功能都完成了,Sebastian还移植了一份Magic,在这里


  • 硬件问题:
    – 蓝牙(我已经尽力了,不过Hero貌似确实很讨厌蓝牙)
    – 轨迹球提示灯
    – 热点
  • Gfx库由于兼容问题会导致很多游戏崩溃,我个人认为还是Google地图没有载入引起的。
  • 我觉得这个ROM还不是100%完美。对部分人来说可能已经满足日常使用了,我除外。

WildHeroWWE-1.1.zip (Android RTK)
WildHeroWWE-1.1.zip (Desean)
WildHeroWWE-1.1.zip (Multiupload)


(works also on 1.1) – Adds a reboot menu to boot into recovery and bootloader. I suggest flashing before first boot (in any case the first boot after flashing this will be longer than usual).
HTC Salsa lock screen – New lock screen from HTC Salsa leak.


version 1.1
Complete rebuild of the port, this time based on the WWE release. Note that despite enormous efforts on my part to fix the issues that plague this ROM, I am not sure what exactly 1.1 fixes over 1.0.

I did tweak the low memory and test it thoroughly this time, so the default values of the memory manager in 1.1 should behave much better than those of 1.0.

Let me know if you find anything else I fixed or ruined in 1.1.

version 1.0
Original build from the SFM 1.0 release.

FlyKernel 12a (camera is not 100% stable on LV)
* Some hardware fixes: Wifi, Sensors, Lights (but not jogball), 5M in Camera
* USB fix for 2.6.29 kernels (added in version 1.0)
* Full app2SD
* Superuser and busybox (fixed in version 1.0)
* RTL fixes for hebrew (sorry the new version which supports Arabic is not ready yet for GB)
* Teeter (how else can you know the G-sensor works)
* HTC Hub (added and fixed in version 1.0)
* Optional reboot menu

Well SebastianFM obviously, he did most of the work on this port
Fix for superuser is from here, credits to rmk

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?s=33d1eca021e53c30a83e081d1d31c319&t=1076772

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    相对于1.0来说 没什么更加好的提升。
    内存方面来说 前台的程序更加的容易被关闭。
    未精简的流畅度没有1.0出色(在精简后速度飙升 哪怕内存只有35M 囧)


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