Honeysense HD v7.2.1

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  • Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) – OFFICIAL HTC RUU 2.50.405.2 (RELEASED 3.7.11)
  • Honeycomb themed LATER UPDATE!
  • Lee kernel: 3.2.0
  • Built with the latest GCC 4.5.2 tool-chain (2nd May 2011) 100% clean build
  • Available CPU Governors – Interactive, Smartass, SmartAss2, Conservative, Powersave, Performance & Userspace
  • SmoothAss CPU governor as default (245-1036MHz)
  • Max speed – screen off 499MHz
  • Max O/C 1.8GHz (“Nutter mode”)
  • LeeDrOiD Optimal CPU table & VDD Levels
  • Brain Fuck CPU Scheduler as default (CFS optional)
  • VR I/O Scheduler as default (Deadline, Noop, SIO, BFQ V2.1 & CFQ Optional)
  • OpenVPN – CIFS – UTF8 – – EXT3 – EXT4 – JDB2
  • Audio boosts – 10% all outputs, 15% External speaker
  • WiFi Driver improvements & greater range
  • Rooted and Superuser added
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • Various tweaks for speed improvements
  • Battery calibration script (Thanks to the dev seo)
  • Multilingual ROM as all WWE are
  • Zipaligned @ system/app and data/app on boot
  • Fully de-odexed
  • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
  • NANO text editor & sysro/sysrw commands support
  • EXT 3 VERSION – for you non adventurous types (Coming soon)
  • Improved battery life, imagine a newer car vs the older car.. (Older car being STOCK ROM)
  • Includes support for customization and flash 2.50 mods ONLY over this release
  • Arabic and hebrew support find them in the addons section!

Change Log:

  • +Flash over 7.2.0
  • +Fixes facebook problems with widget
  • +Fixes notification bar white on white problem
  • +Fixes all the problems with scrolling slow-downs
  • +Fixed the lockscreen
  • +Added the backup/restore feature in SMS/MMS
  • +Added new market fully themed
  • +Added maps (Downloadable maps & Worldwide version)
  • +Added themed Gmail app which fixed the read problem
  • +Fixed boot animation problem
  • +Changed some things in fusion.apk to make it look more honeysense HD styled
  • +Added the blue line back into systemui.apk
  • +Fixed speed issue (critical update)
  • +Added new theme (hasn’t been updated since may)
  • +Added full screen lockscreen
  • +Fixed the systemui white on white problems
  • +Fixed the boot animation to correct one
  • +Updated some of the icons
  • +Same base, built from scratch
  • +Reverted to stock icons
  • -Addons will be coming soon for other icon packs
  • +Fixed the line in the app drawer so it’s not visible
  • +Fixed to sense 3.0 weather sounds fully working
  • +Fixed the lockscreen apps being square
  • +Fixed the compression error which caused the google app/google + app to force close
  • +Added a few stability changes within the ROM
  • +Fixed the list sorting problem can now sort by a-z and
  • +Fixed the black on black problem and the incomprehensible text
  • +Fixed the slow speed issue
  • +Reverted back to the much loved 7.0 boot animation
  • +Fixed the loss of view settings when rebooting
  • +Fixed numerous force closes within applications from market place due to compression errors
  • +Fixed the Extended settings on status bar, task manager is back and all are in correct order
  • +Lockscreen is now 3.0 on during calls – thanks to seo for spending an hour helping me with this.
  • +Weather fixed for good! Sounds now enabled
  • +Sense 3.0 with 5×5 app drawer(done by myself)
  • +Various speed tweaks and added some init.d scripts
  • +Updated the entire ROM


Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1089019

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