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这是一个从T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide Froyo Sense移植到HTC Hero GSM的ROM,注意不要刷错了。

Outdated intro:
After the dust settled with all the excitement of the new Sense Gingerbread, I revisited this port, and IMHO this one has real potential. It seems fast and stable and I am hoping to get everything working in the near future, well at least everything except the camera. Additionally, I am in parallel working on a method to add proper RTL support (Hebrew, Arabic) to closed source ROMs, and this ROM will incorporate this as well.

Current version:
HeroLatte-0.9.zip (Android RTK)
HeroLatte-0.9.zip (Multiupload)

This is a major upgrade with a lot work done, there might be some new bugs added. Would appreciate help testing this version from the flash junkies. See also the known bugs and change log below.

– Full wipe and flash from recovery
– First load will take a while

Known bugs and limitations:
– I was experiencing some bad lags while doing the initial setup with this version (0.9), much more than I thought there would be. Still after it rested for a bit, it seems ok now. Please share your experiences about the lag on this version.
– Graphical glitch on incoming call lockscreen with default theme
– Graphical problems with Russian dialpad
– It’s highly non trivial to change Lock screen wallpaper, let me know if you succeed :P
– Camera, not sure if its possible to have a working hero camera on Sense 2.2 ROMs
– Camera does not make click sound.
– This is a port of a T-Mobile ROM (USA) so the Sense UI does not have the translations for European languages.
– Translation to other languages might not be perfect as I took them from the Wildfire ROM.
– Wifi hotspot does not work (I believe we don’t have kernel support for this)
– Trackball notification does not work (WIP)
– Menu key unlocks lock screen?!
– When the screen dims just before it times out, touching the screen will prevent the timeout but when using auto-brightness will result in very low brightness either until the screen is turned off and on or until there is a change in ambient light (causing a recalculation of the auto-brightness). Not much I can do about this HTC bug as they didn’t give me the sources ;(.
– Arabic reshaping is not supported in the web browser (and other “small” Arabic problem support problem like the crazy cursor movement, which at least currently also exist in CM7).
– Anything else?

Version 0.9
– 相机修复(尽管还没有拍照声音)
– 提示修复,轨迹球提示表示未接来电
– 自动背光灯的BUG修复
– 复位Dalvik功能,启用JIT
– UI优化
– 最近应用从状态栏移除
– 菜单键不再用来解锁启动屏幕
– OpenGL 1.1
– 升级Google Apps
– 低内存和调试器参数的优化
– 从Wildfire Froyo Sense中添加多种语言的翻译,里面可能还有几处没有照顾到,因为这个ROM本身只有英文的

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1026699

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