Doubleshot Saga v1.0.1

2011 年Aug月 22 日由 发布 | 类别: HTC Desire S | Tags:


  • 基于官方 MyTouch 4G Slide ROM (Doubleshot_TMOUS_1.01.531.1).
  • 移植保留了对支持的设备可用的所有功能
  • 测试优化过性能和可用性
  • 附加几个可超频内核的内核模块
  • WiFi 呼叫 (仅美国T-Mobile)
  • 所有硬件都可以用,包括WI-FI,蓝牙,相机,摄像机等
  • 来自市场的应用 (Gmail, Maps, Voice, 等)已经在第一次启动时自动安装到 /data/app,你可以自己选择卸载他们
  • 累赘的和无用的应用被我去掉了


  • http://hotfile.com/dl/127471222/8f519db/virtuous_doubleshot-saga-v1.0.1_proxuser.zip.html


  • For Vision users, the DesireZ hboot is REQUIRED. I have written a guide for G2 users who need to make this transition.
  • If you are experiencing random freezes and/or reboots, this is likely due to your device being incapable of handling our overclocking defaults. Download and apply this flashable patch, which will reduce the maximum CPU frequency to 1Ghz and likely eliminate this issue.
  • You must complete a full wipe prior to installing this ROM the first time. We also recommend wiping between upgrades, but you are welcome to try upgrading without a wipe. However, no support will be provided if you file a bug without having wiped prior to submission.
  • Disconnect your USB cable prior to the first boot, otherwise the Market apps do not install. This is because the default USB connection mode is “Disk Drive”. We will resolve this issue in a future release.

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1228828

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