AlienMod v2.50 for CM

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  • New market FCs / doesn’t work / you don’t like : Flash older gapps over the mod.
  • New Market not offering some download links / can’t upgrade some packages? That’s a bug / feature of the new version you can’t install some apps if you don’t have default 240 LCD Density. See below the steps to temporarily change it to 240
  • Not liking default 200 LCD density? Use LCD Density (included) to temporarily change it, or follow these steps for more permanent density
  • Not seeing gscript entries? Reboot it will get fixed at first boot after opening gscript
  • Problems getting a GPS fix? Try AngelDeath’s instant fix
  • Google apps FC’ing? remove app data of: Gmail, Maps, Street view, Google Services Framework. Go to recovery, clean caches and reboot back
  • Further problems? Full wipe before installing with FULL_WIPE_1.5_EXT4



更新日志 LordModUE v7.0

  • AlienModTool app v1.0
  • New market v3.1.3
  • Removed gscript entries (AM helper tool replaces them)
  • Apps updated
  • Fixed exec permissions of uv scripts
  • New scripts for fast charging / system remounting
  • Antivirus Free included

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1208563

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