AlienMod v2.33 for CM

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这个版本专门收集CyanogenMod一些流行的附加产品,像 Lord Clockan的内核,Miui的相机,带相机支持的gapps,还有其他小的优化和改进。希望我们这样做能为你节省点时间。
原文在这 AlienMind ROM thread,包含了从源码构建的带有所有这些附加功能的cyanogen rom。AlienMod已经发布,它很小,你可以将它应用到CM的任何一个nightly版本上,任何时候都可以刷。

最新的CM版本(已测试过):v7.1 nightbuild #168

LordModUE v6.9.2 CFS + 2 way call recording – OnDemandX governor by default
gapps-20110810 – This included gtalk with camera support AND new market

最新的通话录音 (原文在这)
默认的 OnDemandX CPU governor
电源优化(tuned dirty ratios, increased dirty writebacks)
英文下多相机(+stock camera)
地图 ownhere thx brut.all
带权限的Adobe Flash Player v10.2.156.12,启动时修复
ANDROID v3.x BETA LEAKS INCLUDED: Google Music, Cubes live wallpaper
LordModUV + UV scripts already included (thx flappjaxxx)
Change bootsound and bootanim (original scripts)
Custom Protips.apk with Angry Alien Icons
Motion Tracker Boot Sound from Aliens Movie – short version (thx buzzboy)
Included iOS Lock / Unlock sounds, FacebookPop for alerts (very discrete) and Terrible Horn Alarm Sound for getting up (this one is not discrete ;-))
Default Ringtone “ELECTRO CONSTRUCTION KITS VOL.1″ taken from VipZone Samples PREVIEW

– Resurrected “ace: Support for Webkit acceleration” (patch)
– This patch provides Browser.apk and a couple of libs. It supposedly makes the browser smoother but has been reported to have problems with some benchmarks

附加的APK文件 (All are installed on /data and updated to latest)
TitaniumBackup, MiuiGallery, Fancy widget, Current Widget, RIL Infos, DHD Proximity Recalibrator, Font Changer Lite, GMail, GReader, GMaps, StreetView, Google Authenticator, Property EditorLogCollector, GPS Test, GPS Status, QBanin GPSFix, Flash Player v10.2.156.12, GScriptLite, Battery Monitor Widget, Battery Callibration, AdFree, ClockSync, LCD Density for root
– Custom utility scripts to change things from within ROM (detailed info), not need to flash (included entries for GScript Lite)

Extra features on themed mod version:
– SystemUI.apk / framework-res.apk custom mod (Using UOT)
– Black Keyboard – thx Paradoxxx
– Custom backgrounds with H.R.Giger artwork – thx Mr.HR & Google Images ;-)
– Theme Chooser themes:Crystal theme, Glassrings Free theme, SteelBlue theme
– Live wallpapers: Waterize Lite Live Wallpaper, HyperSpace Lite, Bubble Live wallpaper, extra wallpapers
– ADW / ADW Ex themes: BlackGlass ADW theme, MatteCurve ADW Theme
– Widgets: Death Star Clock


AlienMod v2.33 http://dev-host.org/xgfo5pt6a6c6/alienmod-v2.33.zip
AlienMod Themes v2.31 http://dev-host.org/g3oxst65s5jb/ali…emes-v2.31.zip
WebKitMod v1.00 (Be careful with this) webkitmod-v1.00.zip
Extras: Boot sounds, backgrounds, tools, old versions, AM Splash, etc on AlienMod Public Folder



– New market FCs / doesn’t work / you don’t like : Flash older gapps over the mod.
– New Market not offering some download links / can’t upgrade some packages? That’s a bug / feature of the new version you can’t install some apps if you don’t have default 240 LCD Density. See below the steps to temporarily change it to 240
– Not liking default 200 LCD density? Use LCD Density (included) to temporarily change it, or follow these steps for more permanent density
– Not seeing gscript entries? Reboot it will get fixed at first boot after opening gscript
– Problems getting a GPS fix? Try AngelDeath’s instant fix
– Google apps FC’ing? remove app data of: Gmail, Maps, Street view, Google Services Framework. Go to recovery, clean caches and reboot back
– Further problems? Full wipe before installing with FULL_WIPE_1.5_EXT4

Further steps / recommended extras:
– Change number of rows from 4 -> 6 on ADW Settings.
– Turn on lock / unlock sound on Settings -> Sound
– If the already included killersloth’s PUV script doesn’t work for you, grab some other UV script from lordmodue’s thread

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1208563

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