[2.3.3 for HTC Hero] MIUI Port Alpha 0003

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这是一个从Xperia X8 MIUI上移植过来的,BUG非常多,如果你不是特别想体验它就不用刷了。因为我不知道你刷了之后会出现什么问题所以暂时不用反馈。


Link to Current ROM ( really not ready for anything atm, unless you want to help dev, don’t bother flashing )

http://www.mediafire.com/?reco2eej12a1w Use current version stated in OP.

Okay guys, the rom boots, but to get it to boot, you must follow the installation instructions properly.


1. Wipe of all.
2. Open Hero-MIUI_Alpha0003.zip
3. Open the data folder.
4. Create a new folder in the data folder called ” local ”
5. Move the bootanimation.zip from system/media to data/local
6. Flash.
7. Wait for it to boot.

Thanks to:
Erasmux and Ybinnenweg for their help with this, couldn’t do anything without them
Dsixda for an amazing kitchen

Feel free to pm me to offer your support, please do not ask for an ETA however.

From: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1048846

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