[2.3.3 for HTC Hero] Elelinux-7.0.0-Hero-v2.0

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Changelog 2011-04-17

Version 2.0

EDIT: 这个版本可能要全部WIPE才能正常工作。


New installation wipe of all

The bug in the test version for cpu load was my own,was the new testsettings for the GPS

>>>New Build 20110415.224211
>>>Lots of updates language etc..
>>>Lots of small fixes
>>>Many test compilations how to build to avoid the famous bug
>>>Adding a patch for the bug for thoose who want it
>>>This build is by default for smooth an fast animations etc.. if you turn off all animations and so probably does not the bug occur , but if the bug would occur then the flash patch
>>>This build is a wild ride

Would love to Hero owners to have a stable and good GB but but,Gingerbread is becoming a real pain now,one bug after the another, starts to self-doubt if there is any idea to continue with the crap.
The problem is my personal life takes a beating from this, extremely many hours at the computer, neither my wife or kids think it’s good that I can agree with.

I hope that version 2.0 rolls pretty smoothly for you guys and gals


My settings, no animation, ADW EX as launcher, 176/652 MHz kernel frequency,and believe apps like launcher pro, fancy widget, etc.. requiring very much graphic memory creates bug

Rom >>> Gapps (light) is included in the rom

>>>http://elelinux.marcero.de/ Thanks to marcero





Bugs Please post bugs,but hell with it, just kidding


To avoid having boot loops, always wipe dalvik cache before flashing an option

LatinIME Swedish and others if you miss something

Patch for v2.0 if you got invisible menu etc..

SD-Card Tweak

Herokernel-12a Only for AOSP 2.3

Apps2sd without moving dalvik cache to sd-card

Theme Cyanbread removed from rom,added as a option


Delete Default Music Player

Music3 Screen http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/2171/devicet.png

Reset File for default Musicplayer

Car Home

Galley2D This file will remove Galley3D and install Galley2D instead

Gmail-Fix Flash only this option if you have problems with gmail



Arabic-ttf Stockfonts with droidsansarabic.ttf Thanks to Farhadix



Ubuntu Fonts

Honeycomb clock font
>>> screen http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/8287/devicemy.png

For those which is interested to follow the work of cyanogenmod and the source, which updates that come with the source


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