[2.3.2 for HTC HD2] TyphooN CyanogenMod7 v2.4

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  • 没有自定义的应用,所有的程序都是CM7中自带的。
  • 3G/数据
  • 音频
  • 蓝牙
  • GPS
  • WI-FI
  • 电话功能
  • 照相机(五百万像素级)
  • 摄像机(800×480)
  • 720p视频回放
  • 屏蔽网页广告
  • FM收音机
  • 新版市场程序
  • USB传输
  • ADW启动器(CM7自带)
  • WI-FI热点,使用android-wifi-tether
  • LED提示灯
  • CyanogenMod的CPU调频菜单
  • Darkstone的SuperRAM (定制)
  • App2sd(可选)

1.Task 29
2.Flash Radio(2.15 Recommended)
3.MAGLDR 1.13
4.ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 125M System/44M Cache
5. 使用CWM安装TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 .zip
6. (可选)安装A2SD+/Battery文字



可选的 A2SD+:

Darktremor’s A2SD+ (最好的app2sd,但是安装不方便)

CWM 可刷的 A2SD+ .zips:
AdamG’s A2SD+

Arne’s Extended Kernel

[T-MO ENGINE Themes] Stock with BatteryPercentage-Honeycream-CyanbreadX with Batt%

v2.4:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.3.3:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.3.2:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.3.1:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.3:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.2:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.1.3:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.1.2:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.1.1:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.1:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v2.0:Standard Edition |RAM Edition
v1.9:Download v1.9
v1.8:Download v1.8
v1.7:Download v1.7
v1.6a:Download v1.6a
v1.6:Download v1.6
v1.5:Download v1.5
v1.4:Download v1.4
v1.3:Download v1.3
v1.2:Download v1.2
v1.1:Download v1.1
v1.0:Download v1.0

v2.4: 修复市场。升级tytung r5内核。仍然基于cm_brave_39(RC1之前的最后一个版本)。之前的版本系统貌似总是100%的CPU占用。这次重新修复了这个问题。
v2.3.3: Fixed wifi reboot issue, based on cm_bravo_39 full. Still troubleshooting the WPA2 issues.
v2.3.2: GPS works again, changed base to cm_bravo_39 full. I am not sure what caused all of the issues between build 39 and RC1, but GPS did not work and it seemed sluggish due to 100% system CPU usage. Known WIFI problem that results in reboot loops for some users.. Will address in v2.3.3.
v2.3.1: Fixed Governor selection within CM Performance CPU Settings. Updated to Desire(bravo) RC1 base. High CPU usage problem/no GPS works.
v2.3: Fixed CM Performance CPU Settings (thanks to pongster). You can now set overclocking/governor in that menu and no longer need SetCPU! Updated stragefright libs. Last stable/functional for the most part. CPU Governor settings do not work.
v2.2: Updated to cm_bravo_38 base. Fixed LED Notifications thanks to iamgpc.
v2.1.3: Updated to cm_bravo_37 base.
v2.1.2: Updated to cm_bravo_36 base.
v2.1.1: Updated to cm_bravo_34 base.
v2.1: Updated to cm_bravo_32 base.
v2.0: Updated to cm_bravo_31 base. Removed A2SD+ from base package, now there are 2 optional flashable .zip files to choose from. Split the build into 2 builds SuperRAM and normal. There is a new option to use the messaging icon rather than the android icon on custom lockscreen application!
v1.9: Updated to cm_bravo_28 base. Implemented Darkstone’s SuperRAM.
v1.8: Updated to cm_bravo_27 base. Updated to rafpigna 1.7 OC Kernel. Added script to have correct permissions on /cache, this causes some users to have market download problems. If any further market download problems occur please provide me with a logcat. Check out the new feature in cyanogenmod in lockscreen called “custom application.”
v1.7: Updated to cm_bravo_25 base. Updated to rafpigna 1.6 OC Kernel.
v1.6a: Changed A2SD+ implementation back to fix boot issues experienced by some users.
v1.6: Updated to TeamDouche cm_bravo_24 base. Changed A2SD+ implementation to be like MDJ’s.
v1.5: Updated to TeamDouche cm_bravo_23 base. Implemented google maps multitouch fix thanks to noellenchris.
v1.4: Updated to TeamDouche cm_bravo_22 base. Updated to rafpigna kernel v1.5 OC.
v1.3: Updated kernel to rafpigna v1.3 OC. Implemented A2SD+. It is suggested to upgrade to MAGLDR 1.13 and ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3. The 150MB system partition CWM works fine without any modification to flash.cfg.
v1.2: Updated to TeamDouche cm_bravo_full-21 base. Updated kernel to rafpigna v1.1 OC. Density is now set to default at 240 to keep this build as stock and compatible as possible. The newest CyanogenMod 7 nightly has CPU settings under CyanogenMod performance menu.
v1.1: Update to TeamDouche cm_bravo_full-20. Fix Setup Wizard issue. Change to rafpigna kernel v1.0r0 based off of latest master kernel + G-Sensor, RWSEM, Audio, KGSL fixes.
v1.0: Initial Release. Based on TeamDouche cm_bravo_full-18.

Thanks to:
Cotulla, darkstone, crawlingcity, gauner1986, rafpigna, diem, markinus, noellenchris, tytung, iamgpc, pongster

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