[2.2 for Samsung Galaxy 3] Kyrillos’ ROM v3.0 Final Extreme Edition

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  • Deodexed
  • Data2SD [special thanks to Mad_Team]
  • Swap [special thanks to Mad_Team]
  • Gingerbread Themed
  • Removed Unnecessary Apps
  • All Partitions to ext4 [special thanks to Mad_Team]
  • 4 Launchers [LauncherPro, ADW, Tw & Gingerbread]
  • 3 Keyboards [Samsung, Swype & Gingerbread]
  • Stock Android lockscreen
  • And many more… [look in Changelog in second post]

0GB sdcard: You need to buy an sdcard 
1GB sdcard: Not recommended, maybe 200-400MB app2sd and 20-40MB swap
2GB sdcard: 500MB app2sd and 50-100MB swap.
4GB sdcard: 500-1000MB app2sd and 100-150MB swap.
8GB, 16GB, 32GB sdcard: 1000MB app2sd and 200MB swap.


Kyrillos’ rom v3.0 Extreme Edition (基于XXJPM) [17/03/11]
V3.0 Final Extreme Edition => 第一部分第二部分 [Thanks to Mad_Team for helping]

  • Completely reworked the whole rom! [Less bugs]
  • Updated Market [v2.3.4]
  • Updated QuickPic [v0.9.10]
  • Added Nexus S audio [alarms, notifications & ringtones sounds]
  • Added Google Maps [v5.2.1]
  • Added Touchwiz Launcher
  • Added AppWidgetPicker [Thanks to boombuler]
  • Fixed the downloading color bug [Thanks to Dark Lestat]
  • Gps Fix [edited gps.conf, faster gps]
  • New Bootanimation [Bootscreen]
  • Many App Launcher Icons changed to Gingerbread [Camera, Settings, Messaging, Music Player]
  • Tweaked Framework [gps & bluetooth icons are now green, new notification popup]
  • Tweaked TwFramework [New notification bar dropdown]
  • Tweaked SMS [Gingerbread themed]
  • Tweaked Settings [Gingerbread themed]
  • Tweaked Dialer [Honeycomb themed, Thanks to aantdesign]
  • Patched Malware Exploit for all pre-Gingerbread phones [more information here]
  • Ported Android’s 2.3 Stock Lockscreen to JPM [Thanks to fisiu82]
  • Fixed ScreenCaptureService [It is working like a charm]
  • Fixed Contacts back button bug [Download the new fixed theme for launcher pro]
  • Fixed browser force close [When you were trying to search sth on the search bar]
  • Fixed shortcut with holding the menu key [If you hold it for 2+ seconds you will be able to google search]
  • FuguTweaks [smoother & faster phone]
  • Ext4 Support [Thanks to Mad_Team]
  • All partitions converted to ext4 [system, data & cache, Thanks to Mad_Team]
  • Data2sd [Thanks to Mad_Team]
  • CIFS [Thanks to Mad_Team]
  • TUN for VPN [Thanks to Mad_Team]
  • Swap [Virtual Ram Memory, Prevent lag if you open too much apps, Thanks to Mad_Team]
  • Other Kernel Tweaks [Thanks to Mad_Team]
  • And many more…


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